Ergonomic and cost effective inspection is now a must in electronic manufacturing. Manufacturers are increasingly under more pressure to reduce costs while keeping quality high. Ash inspection systems enable higher throughput and reduce operator fatigue. Typical applications include PCB inspection, surface mount technology inspection and rework with solder paste, component placement and post re-flow.


Medical Device

Quality control is critical in medical device manufacture as people’s lives may be at risk. Whether it is invasive or external there are strict requirements for products to qualify as medical devices. Ash inspection systems offer superb image quality at 60fps which ensures that no surface defect or debris goes unnoticed. Medical device companies may have very unique requirements for their QC and production departments and this is where Ash can help with custom solutions. Typical applications include catheter visual inspection and stent visual inspection.

polymer engineering

Metallurgical/Precision Engineering

Inspecting Metals and Precision Engineering parts requires high quality imaging to help you detect the smallest defects. One of the key factors in accurate inspection of these materials is reducing surface reflection. Ash offer a range of options to help produce superb image quality every time. These include diffused LED lighting, polarization filters and access to manual exposure with Omni and Inspex HD.

polymer plastics


Tools and moulds require constant inspection. Over time as a tool wears out parts can deviate from the original specification. Quick measurement and image capture can be easily carried out with Ash systems. This ensures minimum down time for production.



Ash systems provide the perfect tool for inspection of alloys and precious stones in jewellery and watchmaking. The large field of view and depth of focus afforded by Ash systems make them ideal for assembly, rework and inspection which are all essentials task in jewellery and watchmaking.


Forensic Science

There are a wide range of applications in forensic microscopy including ballistics and fluoresced inspection. Ash systems offer a cost effective and flexible solution for high quality imaging and capture. Ash’s superb full HD 60fps image allows operators to see the smallest details on materials including bullets, guns, clothing, weapons etc.

construction and restoration

Conservation & Restoration

Artefacts can be thousands of years old and require very special care. Precise rework often needs to be carried out and with the help of Ash systems this task is made much easier. Large field of view and depth of focus make Ash systems ideal for viewing large objects such as paintings. Typical applications include inspection and rework of paintings, ceramics, fabrics & books.

Other Industries




Life Sciences