Ash Innovation

At Ash we are passionate about innovation and designWe use creative Design Thinking to actively empathize with our customers to understand their real unmet needs and jobs to be done. We seek meaningful engagement and co-creation with our end users so we can develop the best possible solutions and services in the quality assurance industry resulting in cost savings, reduced test time, waste reduction and an overall improved quality process.

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So how do we do it …

We use a variety of tools and methodologies to discover the hidden needs of the end user. Our creative thinking process generates the ideas and concepts based  on the insights from our discovery phase. A prototype is developed through our excellent R&D  skills and iteratively validated with our end users in the wild. We’ve even managed to innovate our own business model which has allowed us to pivot into new markets with our new offerings.

Our culture of innovation has led to the design of disruptive products such as the Omni, a world class award winning digital microscope and measurement system. The Omni is a result of our user centric innovation program where we envisioned endless possibilities through blue sky thinking. Together with our strong R&D capability we created concepts and prototypes that were tested and validated with end users.

In recognition of our innovation programme we were announced as winners of the Innovator of the Year award 2016 from the Small Firms Association (SFA) and Most Innovative Company 2016 from the Innovation for Growth (I4G) programme from the Institute of Management Ireland (IMI), awarded by Enterprise Ireland and Deloitte. In 2017 our latest product Omni won the coveted Reddot Award for Product Design.

Reddot award for product design 2017
Innovation 4 Growth Award
Ash win SFA Innovator of the year award
Ash win IDI award